Scents, colors, moods

The sauna world trip leads from one feel-good destination to the next. Authentically furnished saunas, luxurious relaxation areas, exclusive treatments – this is how you can relax around the world in a sauna!


Kalahari sauna
approx. 65° C

In the Kalahari sauna, the wilderness and freedom of the African savannah are within reach. Accompanied by soft sounds, aromatic herbs and essential oils evaporate in the middle of the sauna house.


Shitau meditation sauna
approx. 75° C

In the Shitau meditation sauna, visitors are greeted by a healing atmosphere of silence – for moments of inner awareness. A walk through the Japanese garden extends the sauna trip to Asia …


Salt mine sauna
approx. 85° C

A few steps down the stairs of the sauna area and the salt crystals of the Himalayas unfold their beneficial effect on the respiratory tract in the heat. Warm, soft light envelops and soothes.

south sea

Pengalaman Sauna
approx. 75° C

Exotic scents, a colorful feel-good ambience and fresh fruit enchant guests in the South Seas flair of the Pengalaman sauna.


Suomi earth sauna
approx. 100° C

The hottest spot in the sauna landscape captures the power of fire. Pristine and wild like the Finnish forests, idyllic and calming like a blazing open fire…


Adventure sauna sauna
approx. 95° C

In the México Espíritu adventure sauna, surprising infusions in a colorful ambience, a sun-drenched patio, new sanitary facilities and outdoor showers ensure another unforgettable stop on the sauna world tour.

La Mamounia Ceremonie

Oriental pampering oasis

Complete peace, wonderful aromas and a magical lighting atmosphere – a luxurious care experience in our sauna area for unique moments of relaxation…


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