Fit through the day

A place for anyone who wants to stay fit while having a good time. In a great atmosphere, with professional trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and cloud-based training software.

endurance area

Cardio training, the all-round talent for cardiovascular training, weight reduction and warming up. Here in the fitness studio, of course, on the latest generation of Technogym equipment, on which training never gets boring thanks to interactive screens with TV and web.

power area

State-of-the-art strength machines guarantee safe, joint-gentle and effective training of the target muscle group. The key system saves settings, controls the movements and connects to the MyWellnessApp – a highly intelligent training partner, always with you!

Functional training

Learning the “right” movement: In exercises with your own body weight or with small equipment, mobility and stability are promoted in equal measure, asymmetries are balanced – the body is used holistically.

fascia training

The fascial tissue surrounds muscles, nerves and organs like a network. Fascia relaxation through self-massage loosens adhesions between muscles and fascia and has a positive effect on posture and mobility.

care, support

Our qualified sports and gymnastics teachers, health and fitness trainers are always on site and approachable. Of course, all members are comprehensively instructed and supported in their training.

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overnight stays incl. Dinner & thermal baths

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