Best steak, log fire & California wines

Perfectly marbled Angus beef, roasted to perfection, tender and juicy. And a wine from Man of the Year from California. This is indulgence in Oakland.

We welcome you to our rustic, cozy atmosphere with warm natural tones and a flickering open fire.

The best wines from California & South Africa

When the California sun meets the art of Sicilian viticulture, the result is wines that are hard to beat in terms of goodness and quality. We are happy to recommend our Californian wines from the Gnarly Head winery to accompany your meals.
Or how about a wine from South Africa? On the Cederberg, the fine grapes grow at the highest point, very close to the South African sun.


Look forward to the best steaks and sunny wines in our Oakland restaurant. Simply reserve a table online.

Daily 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m

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