Special offer for the Day of German Unity


Reside in a themed and homely double room, enjoy a delicious buffet of the federal states and look forward to a gourmet breakfast

1 overnight stay: 140 € per person in double room

2 nights: 270 € per person in double room

3 nights: 395 € per person in double room


Holstentherme use: Let yourself drift and relax in the warm water of the Holstentherme. Our offer includes access to the spa and sauna area for the entire day.

Overnight stay: Rest in our cozy double room, which leaves nothing to be desired.

Large breakfast buffet: Start the day with a varied selection of fresh food that our rich breakfast buffet has to offer.

Specialty buffet in the evening: Let yourself be enchanted by culinary delicacies from the various German states. A buffet that brings the flavors of our country on a plate.

Secco and fruit: To welcome you, Secco and a selection of fresh fruit await you directly in your room.


German Unity Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Germany’s culinary diversity. Each state has its own traditional dishes and specialties. Here is a list of typical foods and drinks from all 16 states:

Maultaschen: Dumplings filled with a mixture of minced meat, spinach, bread and onions.
Swabian potato salad: with broth, vinegar and oil.Bavaria:
Weisswurst: A boiled sausage made from veal and back fat, served with sweet mustard.
Brezn (pretzels): Pretzel pastry.
Obatzda: cheese spread made from camembert, butter, onions and spices.

Currywurst: Bratwurst with a special curry sauce and curry powder sprinkled on top.
Berliner (pancake): A sweet pastry, similar to a donut, filled with jam.

Spreewald gherkins: Spicy gherkins from the Spreewald region.

Klaben: A fruit bread similar to the Stollen.
Bremen Labskaus: A stew of corned beef, potatoes and beet.

French roll: sweet pastry with cinnamon and sugar.
Pannfisch: Fish fillets served with mustard sauce and fried potatoes.

Hand cheese with music: sour milk cheese served with onions and a marinade of oil, vinegar and caraway seeds.
Frankfurter Grüne Soße: A cold sauce made from seven herbs, served with potatoes and eggs.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania:
Fish roll: Roll filled with different types of fish such as herring or mackerel.
Rügen bread: A hearty rye bread.

Lower Saxony:
Kale with Pinkel: Kale stew served with a special sausage called Pinkel.

North Rhine-Westphalia:
Sauerbraten: A sweet and sour roast, often served with red cabbage and potato dumplings.
Reibekuchen: Potato pancakes served with applesauce.

Steam Noodles: A sweet or savory steamed pastry, often served with vanilla sauce or wine sauce.

Lyoner: A type of sausage, similar to the meat sausage.
– Pork roast: A pork roast from the swing grill.

Quarkkäulchen: Sweet quark cookies, often served with applesauce.
Saxon sauerbraten: sauerbraten with raisins.

Halberstadt sausages: A special type of smoked sausage.

Holsteiner Schnitzel: A schnitzel served with a fried egg on top.

Thuringian Rostbratwurst: A special type of bratwurst, often served with mustard.


  • A sleepover
  • gourmet breakfast
  • 1x game menu in four courses in the evening
  • 1 bottle of Pinot Noir red wine for two people with dinner
  • 1 bottle of vintner sparkling wine rosé in the room (per room)
  • Check-in on the day of arrival from 12 p.m
  • Late check-out until 2 p.m. on the day of departure
  • On request: Shopping in the Designer Outlet Neumünster: Goody bag with an extra bonus, with which you can benefit from a further 10% discount on your purchase (in all participating shops, cannot be combined with other promotions).


  • Your spacious, themed double room
  • A healthy and rich breakfast buffet
  • Visit to the HolstenTherme with Caribbean lagoon , holiday pool, winter garden & palm garden
  • A sauna journey around the world with seven saunas: Kalahari sauna, Shitau meditation sauna, Himalayan salt mine sauna, Pengalaman South Sea sauna, Suomi earth sauna and Mexico adventure sauna
  • Oriental market place, Berber oasis for relaxation, sauna garden, Japan-Harten, Sukun water bed room and Harara fireplace room

The spa is not included in the price, can be added on site at any time.


*Your package does not include the use of the spa.

The Therme, the FitnessStudio and the SoleRelaxpool can be booked on site at any time.

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Up to 3 days before arrival free of charge, up to 1 day before arrival we charge 50% of the package price. On the day of arrival, 80% of the package price will be charged.